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I specialize in supporting your Email Marketing, Design, and Execution.

In other words, you don’t have the time to send your emails consistently, but I do.

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  • I spent 19 years as a digital marketer in the corporate world. When I left that, I launched Bussmann Creative, a freelance content marketing company where I’ve been helping companies with their emails and content ever since.

    What kind of work does Bussmann Creative focus on?

    My focus is on helping small companies in any line of work figure out how to build, grow, optimize, and monetize their email strategy. If you’re interested in…

    • Launching new newsletters
    • Growing your email audience
    • Engaging with readers
    • Monetizing your email program
    • Building automations, like a welcome series or reactivation series
    • Fixing deliverability issues
    • Improving your email content and copy


  • …then Bussmann Creative might be a good partner for you!

    Who does Bussmann Creative typically work with?

    Small businesses — like dentists, real estate, law firms, etc. — though I occasionally take on other discounted projects, usually with organizations that I believe serve some sort of public good.

    What does an engagement with Bussmann Creative look like?

    The best way to figure out the right type of engagement with Bussmann Creative is to set up a call with me — reach out to greg@bussmanncreative.com, and we can find time to chat!

    But the work typically looks like one of these:

    Coaching Sessions — My approach to working with clients involves regular coaching calls, suitable for a diverse range of businesses. I recommend setting up one monthly call for a year. This allows me to partner closely with your team, focusing on strategic goals such as developing an engaging welcome series or increasing subscriber conversions. My email marketing services are tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of your business, ensuring that you receive personalized support as your company evolves.

    Strategy Audits — Many companies with established email programs request that I conduct a comprehensive review of their email marketing strategy. This can encompass a full audit, covering areas such as content creation, audience growth, monetization, and email deliverability, or it might focus on a specific aspect, typically audience growth. My audits provide detailed insights and actionable recommendations to enhance your email marketing efforts and achieve your business objectives.

    Done-For-You Service — If you’re struggling to manage your email newsletter due to time constraints, lack of interest, or inconsistency in sending your messages, my Done-For-You service is the perfect solution. I take over the complete management of your established email newsletter, ensuring it runs smoothly and effectively.

    This service allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while I handle everything from content creation to scheduling and sending out each issue. Let me help you maintain an engaging and consistent connection with your subscribers, without the stress of managing it yourself.

    How much does it cost to work with Bussmann Creative?

    My base rate for monthly 60 minute coaching calls is $250/call ($3,000/year). For non-profits, I offer a discounted rate: $125/call ($1,500/year). (Please note: These rates are only for organizations willing to commit to a year of calls.)

    How do I get in touch with Bussmann Creative to discuss next steps?

    Contact me at greg@bussmanncreative.com and we’ll talk.

    Who has Bussmann Creative worked with?

    Bussmann Creative Clients - Investopedia, Forbes Advisor, SEMrush, Social Edge Consulting, Branding Compass

    There’s room on that list for you, too.

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