How to Boost Your SEO by Updating Old Content

Updating Old Content Will Boost Your SEO and Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More

I’m skeptical of any marketing professional who claims to know exactly what it takes to rank content on Google. That information is Google’s secret sauce; few people know the exact recipe. That said, Google has dropped enough hints over the years to allow us to make reasonable guesses about what it takes to rank.

So what do those hints tell us? Google loves ranking fresh content. Google loves content that matches exactly what its users are searching for. And Google loves to tweak its algorithm. In other words, you are always trying to catch up.

Every one of these hints makes the SEO case for updating your content. Your content gets fresher. The targeting of your keywords becomes more precise, and anything in your old content that doesn’t hold up can be updated.

Let’s break it down.

Why Updating Content on Your Site Boosts Your SEO Traffic

  • Google loves fresh content – updated blog posts count.
  • You have an opportunity to improve the rankings of underperforming content.
  • You’ve already done most of the work! The content is written, and the keywords are targeted. Now you’re optimizing.
  • As you gain more SEO experience, you bring new knowledge and skills to older content.
  • You’re making your content more useful for your readers – something else Google loves to reward.
  • You’re accounting for Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Which Old Content Should You Update?

The best place to start is with content that is almost on the first page of Google, which is generally the top 10 results. The best place to find these is in your Google Search Console. You want to look for content that is getting decent impressions but is ranking just outside the first page of Google.

Boost your seo via Google Search Console - Traffic Graph

Make sure you check off Total Impressions and Average Position

boost your seo via Google Search Console

Sort by position, start with content close to, but outside the top ten getting a lot of impressions but no clicks.

If your site is not on Google Search Console or you have no idea what I am talking about, email me, I am happy to help.

How to Update Old Content

Go into your old content and look for the following opportunities to improve them:

    • New Keywords – has the language changed around the keyword you are targeting?
    • Title and Meta Description – can they be improved? Shortened? Or targeted better?
    • Images – are your images optimized? Do they have alt text?
    • Is your content scannable with headings and bulleted text?
    • Is your copy still relevant? Can anything be added, clarified, or removed?
    • Call to Action – is it still accurate? Could it be improved?
    • Add internal links – These help Google crawl around your site. Look for opportunities to link to your related content. For example, here are other blog posts about SEO.
    • DO NOT change the post URL unless you absolutely have to. And if you do, set up a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one. (WordPress will do this automatically.)

That should be enough to boost your SEO and see results. Make sure to take a screenshot of your Google Search Console before and after to see how much progress you made.

Questions? Need help?

Updating content is the place to start if you want to boost your SEO. Finding a way to connect with your audience and providing them with the information they want is the best way to ensure that they’ll keep coming back for more.